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스튜디오 마이크

Sound Production

Playground provides a sound production service for the localization of games, animations and films, etc. A team of specialists, dedicated to the sound production, can design and compose diversified music and sound effects to boost the quality of your project.

레코딩 세션


Playground offers not only high-quality subtitling services for animation, film, TV series and games, but also handles all aspects of the voice over production including casting, direction, recording and editing. Through an analysis of the characters, we will find the best actors to take your project to the next level.

녹색 기하학적 모양

VOD Services

Playground offers marketing services for various media content including Multi-Channel Networks (MCNs). With our sound partnership with several corporates ranging from cable TV to IPTV and OTT, our clients can choose the marketing and provider best suited for the content.

녹는 텔레비전

Media Commerce

Playground supports IP licensing and media commerce services from online to offline. Our expertise in various media platforms will improve the awareness of your product and encourage consumers to purchase.

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